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Dear customers,


We would be pleased to draw up a plan of your dream kitchen for you, and then make it a reality in your home. Find your inspiration by taking a look at kitchen configuration samples offered by our suppliers. In case of any questions, don't hesitate to contact us anytime at

What do we need from you in order to be able to plan your kitchen?


  • Kindly call us for an appointment. Our contact info is here. It's always better to speak in person, making sure that we have enough time and leisure for our conversation.
  • Please prepare your initial idea, whether from your own imagination or inspired by other suppliers' catalogues.
  • If available, bring plans of your entire interior by your architect.
  • If the kitchen is replacing an older one, the room's plan with accurate measurements.
  • If the kitchen is to be placed in new construction, the blueprint.
  • The height of the room; in the case of attic interiors with sloping ceilings, cross-sections of the room.
  • If kitchen furniture is to stand below a window, the distance between the floor and the lower edge of the window.
  • Locations of water and sink outlets.
  • Location of the gas outlet.
  • Location of the ventilation outlet, including the diameter of the duct and its location - wall, ceiling, etc.
  • Let us know whether these outlet locations can be further altered based on the needs of the kitchen. We will, of course, try to use existing outlets but we know from experience that even in the best-case scenario, at least electricity outlets need to be supplemented. In other cases, outlets might need to be relocated/moved slightly. Everything depends on the building, the willingness of the construction company, the owner's demands and the kitchen manufacturer's width of product range. Bearing all this in mind, a compromise can usually be found.
  • If available, bring samples of your floor, whether a tile or the shade and material of your wood floor or other wood components in the room (doors, windows, sills, etc.) This will make it easier for you to select matching materials and colours for the cabinetry and countertop/s in your future kitchen.

Should you need advice at any point, feel free to contact us - we are always happy to help.  

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